Guest Speaker Minis with Bill Wagner

This is a teaching and encouraging series on video designed help you on your journey!  These are topical excerpts taken from sermons whose purpose is to help you to zero in on certain ideas and biblical concepts.

These modules are generally short, 3 to 6 minutes in length. They are suitable for conversation starters for a discipleship session, a small group Bible study, or to just augment your personal study of scripture.

These videos may be used by any church as attention getters or thought starters before a sermon or during an introduction. Please feel free to use these if they will bless your ministry!

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Guest Speaker Minis with Bill Wagner  #1  The Bible

Description:   The biggest argument facing Christianity I believe is the argument over whether the Bible equals the Word of God. How can the Bible be accurate? Look at how many times it has been translated over the centuries, right? But if you do a study on how we can scientifically and logically know how we can rely on the validity of ancient texts holding true to its original meanings over time and compare the Bible with other texts that we know that are of antiquity, then you would become more confident in your trust in scripture as being as close or as near the ancient meanings as anything else we have put our confidence into in this world. In fact, the more translations there are, the greater the chance of narrowing the focus of accuracy and the better chance of discovering and identifying the frauds and mistranslations!


The new testament is a collection of letters and teachings and reporting of eye witness accounts of a  man who walked the earth teaching love and redemption all the while performing great miracles; who was hated because he apposed the status quo and because he proclaimed that he was the messiah; he was arrested, tortured and crucified on a cross to death; he was buried and three days later he rose again from the grave fully alive and in the flesh; and he walked among men for over a month eating with them, drinking with them, and proving to them that he was in fact alive and in fact was once dead. Hundreds of people saw these things with their own eyes and touched him with their own hands and in fact talked with him and walked with him, too many to just simply discredit as legend.


This same man, Jesus, said in his own words that we can trust scripture. Not only that, but he had entrusted the telling of the good news of redemption and salvation to the men he walked with for 3 years preparing them for a time when they would need to pass along the accounts of everything that had happened and to teach the rest of us how we can one day inherit a seat at the table in heaven and one day be reunited with Him.

Can you trust the Bible? If you want to know the truth, then do the homework and find out for yourself whether any of this is true or not. In your earnest search, Jesus will reveal Himself to you. There will be no need for any of us to try to talk you into believing us. We can share what we know, but it is the Lord, Himself who will teach you and reveal Himself to you. Everything you need to know in order to connect to Him is contained in the Bible.


In this Guest Speaker Mini, we discover a couple of things we know that allows us to fully trust in scripture. There is an endorsement from someone that we really shouldn’t ignore if we are truly seeking the truth. This Mini teaching is 3 minutes and 9 seconds long.